to answer the Mare's

you asked in one of the posts about why the cartoon show 'the REAL ghostbusters' was called that, seeing as how it was the same characters from the movie and such.

well i was a kid then so i remember. there was this OTHER cartoon show called ghostbusters. and it had NOTHING to do with the movie, or even ghosts i dont think. i think it was about some kid and a dog :s
i dont remember exactly, i just know i watched it once and went YUK! this isnt ghostbusters!

so when the 'real' ghostsbusters came out they had to have a different title than that other shitty show. they should have sued, lol. i mean there was a popular movie out at the time with that name, and you name your show with NO affiliation the same thing?

in this day and age, that would have been lawsuit time haha


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