thanks to Miss Tickle's tip i was able to get the missing stone and continue on my way.
only 2 left. and i know exactly where they are. only problem is, i havent touched either of those quests haha.

the thalmor embassy.. i need ot do the main story to get in there (already tried breaking in, wont work)
and the mages guild. i need ot get into the arch mage's chamber. probably cant break in there either, but that one will be easier to get to.
only 2 quests til that one opens i think

woo im so close!


  1. offs. so i got ALL the stones. did the nessesary main storyline and mage guild quests, and turned it in to Vex. she sent me to tolbald's cave or w/e its called, to get the crown.
    problem is, i already cleared this cave a while ago. so now when i go in, the walls dont activate (falmer are supposed to jump out of the wall at you, opening a new passage)
    now it doesnt activate. OMG there is nothing but trouble trying to complete this quest! i swear ill never attempt this quest again. if i was only on the pc i could just cheat, but i have NO idea how to open up these walls so i can get in there and get the crown. i tried googling it, but there werent any solutions :(
    and its too late WAY too late to go back and start the quest over

  2. ahh there is a pull chain! thank goodness. now i can get that crown >:)

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