cant upload to EA for some reason

tried last night, and this morning, and noting ever showed up on the site. so i dunno if it is their problem, or mine.
i uploaded to mega tho and i was able to install it fine from there. so maybe it IS just an EA issue... surprise surprise

well here it is, if anyone would like to try it out

Pine Valley

its a very roomy world. lots of space for big lots, to customize it however you like.
that was one of the things that always pissed me off about EA towns (and many custom ones) there just isnt any room to put anything.
and if its a pre-EP town, forget it.

this town will have ample room for everything. you couldnt fill it up if you tried! (ok you probalby could, i personaly am just too lazy to try lol)

it has all the necessary rabbit holes as far as i know, and several ep lots. it contains store lots, so i dunno if those will go thru, or if they will be replaced by other things. some lots i just stole from other (EA) towns.

lots of fishing area and should be plenty of spawners too. will need EPs up to at least seasons.

i know i used some WA things, some supernatural and seasons and pets. not sure what else exactly. but i have all eps up to uni (dont have that yet)

this town should be CC free.


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