ok ladies (stay out fellas)

am i the only one here who absolutely HATES going bra-less?  it really irks me. its not comfortable and i feel very self conscience. like i KNOW everyone knows im not wearing a bra and they are judging me. 'look at that nasty skank not wearing a bra'
i had on an old underwire (omg are they torture or wat?) on the other day and the fabric tore and the wire came out and started stabbing me. i tried to deal with it for a while but it was becoming dangerous so i had to just take the bra off and go without for the rest of the day.
man i felt SO weird walking around without a bra. i dont have many either, so there wasnt a replacement available. its so nice when i finaly get to put one on again, ahhh.
so am i the only one?


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