1. Ooooh shiny! Congrats!

  2. tyty! its kind of a buzz kill, since it serves absolutely NO purpose whatsoever lol. but i can at least say ive completed it

  3. You should get an ability to find multiple precious gems. I don't think it appears in active effects but you should notice it when you look in chests and on bodies.

  4. yea i know, its kinda useless to me tho as i already have like 70k and there isnt even a single vendor in the entire world with enough money to sell my gems to lol

  5. ok interesting development. i went into the thieves guild last night to turn in a quest to vex and to delvin that had been sitting in my list for a little while. when i talked to delvin, he have me a special task to do. 2 of them, actualy. this hasnt ever happend before, not in all the many characters ive played. completing them opened up new shops in the ragged flagon. now what i wonder is, are these new quests open now because of the crown? or just because i completed the thieves guild and i hadnt seen them yet.? i think it may be the crown.. i had completed the guild a little ways back and i think i would have seen this by now. so this development makes it very much worth my while to complete barenziah again in the future. these quests were fun too! and one was a bit challenging. i needed to use my nocturnal cloak, and i almost never use that


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