Purslane.. ever heard of it?

i hadnt either. a few weeks ago i noticed an odd, but very attractive weed growing in my garden where my sis in law had sprayed weed killer. it looked like this.

 i thought they were pretty, but had no idea what they were. so, i dug them up and put them in my flower bed. last night i was googling and decided to try to identify this plant. not knowing what keywords to use it was a tough battle lol. but i finaly figured out what it is.. Purslane. and WHAT A TREASURE I HAVE FOUND.

Purslane Wiki

this stuff is amazing. its regarded as a weed, but its extremely nutritious. aside from being a lovely plant to look at, its very tasty and has more vitamins and nutrients than many other vegetables!! its hardy, durable, and tolerates bad soil and even weed killer lol.

WHY do ppl consider this plant a weed?? im going to start cultivating this, and enjoying it in my diet for years to come. what a treasure. Nature is full of treasures, everyone. make sure you look around now and then


  1. Some people think that's a weed? O_o

  2. That looks familiar, mainly because of the pinkish stems, not to many plants have pink stems around here. I think we might have some of them growing around our house... I'm going to have to look now. lol

    It's amazing how many edible plants you can find just growing around the house.

    If you have time, Google “Maypop“, I found some around our house not to long ago, and you can eat them. Who knows, you may have some around where you live, they grow wild, so you never know.

  3. i looked up maypop, what an interesting plant! i dont think it grows around here tho, im in the northeast and its probably too cold here.

  4. Oh, that's to bad, it tasted good up until I realized I was allergic to it... But my mom ate around four of them without a problem.

    Did you ever try some of the purslane to see what it tasted like?

  5. yes i did try it. raw it tasted similar to clover, but stronger. cooked, ir tasted like spinach! i happen to love spinach lol

  6. Huh, that sounds good.

    I'm the only one in my family that likes spinach, so the only way I ever get it is if I cook it myself... Luckly, I love to cook.

    I have even baked up some rose pettles after I saw Paula Dean cook some on her show. lol, wierd, but not bad.

  7. im am actualy curious to try rosehips. i hear they taste like peaches!

  8. My mom had that growing everywhere, but it all died, as has all wild rasberriesn and strawberries, and many other wild edible things that grew like crazy here when I was younger. Now everyone here dies of cancer, all streams are polluted, and stuff dies. Even junebugs (extinct now here i think), and fireflies grow very rare here. But yes, this is a cool plant. ^^

  9. BTW... chemical plants caused all that. lol 4got to say why? :O hugs

  10. im am actualy curious to try rosehips. i hear they taste like peaches!


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