grr first time its ever happened on this pc. happily simming away when BAM! crashes to desktop.
i dont think i lost too much, i saved shortly before it crashed (i have gotten into the habit of saving every sim night while they sleep) so i think i only lost one day. but its still irritating. and now, i have to figure out why it crashed in the first place.

and i think i need to redo my teen sims makeover.. dammit.. what a pain.


  1. I know the feeling.
    I have crashed to desktop 3 times.
    2 were while building and 1 in live mode.
    I save when my sims go to bed and I save frequently while building.
    My "fps" is just fine in live mode but it gets pretty high in build mode.
    I am thinking that's what causes the crashing.


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