my street is the drama capital of the world

wisteria lane has got nuthing on this place. lol. so, after a somewhat boring day of birthday fun, we were sitting out on the front porch eating cake when we heard screams and the sound of someone being beaten. we tried to mind our buisness about it at first, but when the screams continued, we called the cops. back in the olden days, domestic abuse was 'politely' ignored. well it was so loud and scary that we thought someone was being bludgeoned. but, its just not a day on my street, if the cops arent around SOMEWHERE, lol.

and just yesterday my neighbors on either side of me, were fighting and yelling in the street. the 'adult' neighbor insulting and making threats against my other teenage neighbor.  its just crazy around here sometimes.

well, i would like to thank everyone who wish me happy birthday. :) and to the mare i would just like to say, altho LE and i share the same birthdate, i think i have been '29' longer than she has lol

and i think my new lappy is a dud... i finaly got the cord and now it doesnt seem to hold a charge at all. and i cant get it online either... so that was a huge waste of time and money..

oh well. it was a pretty decent birthday overall i guess ^_^


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