happy berfday to me

soo tomorrow is the big... 29 lol. this will be the 6th or 7th time i turned 29 XD
im baking a cake right now so i dont have to worry about doing it tomorrow. its also my sons birthday, so having 2 birthdays in one day can be a big crazy mess. lol.
but i really just make it about him, cause im too old to have birthdays anyway. my bf DID get me a present tho. he got me a lappy so i can go internetting when im outside watching the kids and stuff ^_^
now i can be an even BIGGER loser!! XDDD

oh and happy birthday to lady em too, since i just found out its also HER birthday tomorrow :D


  1. Happy early birthday to both of you! :)

  2. Happy birthday Zeri, and when I saw 29, I was gonna be like, OMG, I'm turning 29 too . .for real, lol. I did make a cake but failure (wrong recipe from Granny), so a girl at work is making one for me.

    BTW, love your site. Will have to link to mine.

  3. o yeah LE, i would love to have a link to your site. im afraid i dont know what it is tho *blush*

    ill get it form mare, they have it im sure

  4. Happy Birthday Zeri & LE XD & Happy Birthday to your son as well Zeri! Hope everyone has a great day tomrrow!

  5. Awesome! Happy birthday Zeri!! And Happy Birthday to you too, LE, if you see this, lol!

    Hope both of you guys have a relaxing, stress & drama-free day! Be pampered!


  6. Happy Birthday!

    my birthday was the 21st, my dads the 20th, so we just had both our parties on the same day, so my mom knows how you feel, lol.

  7. Happy Birthday :) Have a good time and same for your son and LE.

  8. Thanks guys, that's what I'm going for, prolly head down to Dooly's for my birthday, as long as it's not closed for renovations. Still have to work tho.

  9. aw thanx everyone! ^_^

    hopefully i can keep the neighborhood drama away at least for today and relax and maybe play sims a while XD

  10. Happy Birthday to you and your son! My stepson and his dad share a birthday, too.

  11. I made a special post for u two and hope u see it Zeri. LE saw it, so Happy B-day Zeri! You too LE even though I told u twice already. lol


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