yeah... another one

so i just HAD to go and make a new skyrim character... even tho im not done with my khajiit yet (not even close) but i downloaded these cool hairdos and i just had to try them out. (they dont work on khajiit)

so here she is, the re-creation of my evil character from Oblivion, Red

 i got this hair pack from the nexus. most of them are from the sims (if not all) and i noticed that alot of them were peggyzone hairs lol. (and i already have alot of these in my sims game)
 shes so delightfully sinister looking. it happend quite by accident, but that was kinda what i was going for

this hair looks amazing. The original Red could only hope to be this hot lol
im so in love with this character now, but im still so attached to my khajiit! ahh how do i choose!


  1. It's so nice to know that I'm not the only Skyrim-obsessed simmer in the blogosphere. :)
    The hair looks very cool. Nice character. ;)


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