noooo D:

was happily playing my legacy family again today when all of a sudden i get the CTD..... i havent had this happens in weeks.. not since i got error trap and used MC to remove and stop all memories.. i had thought that the CTD was gone.. gone for good... and now this.. will i have to keep moving my family to new towns every generation or so, FOREVER? this is getting ridiculous... i was finally all settled in this town too.. i dont want to move :(

was like an hour since i had saved too, so i lost a shitload >:/


  1. sonofafuck.... 3 times now... THREE. one random CTD and 2 times i had to control alt delete because the game stops working when you try to move someone out again... the same shit that was happening a few months ago.. and i can only imagine it will just get worse from here. oo fucking GOODY. i am so godam tired of fighting with this game.  i ran the dashboard and cleared the chaches and fixed any issuer and it still froze on the moving screen. i got 5 fucking kids in this family, like HELL they are all going to stay. i guess i have to get the cowplant back and kill them?? im too pissed right now to even really formulate rational thought. i just want to spew a string of obscenities at pretty much everything that crosses my path.

  2. Urgh. I am just sick of Sims for the same reason. A week or so ago, Sims started crashing whenever in live mode, something it's never done before. Without CC, without store content, complete re-install, nothing worked. I've actually given up now :( I'm playing COH, pretty happy about it and definitely don't miss all the agro Sims was giving me!
    Hope you get your problem solved, though with Sims I find you solve one problem and another just appears tor replace it. -shakes fist at EA- !!


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