The Goth Project

is underway. i went to my 2 other towns which held Morrigan and Mortimer, and i hijacked them (only their dopplegangers) and i built thme a brand new shiny house in new Sunset Valley.

so far its going well. They are not really compatible, but luckily Morrigan doesnt care and flirts with him anyway. (she always was a bimbo)
Morty just seems to enjoy a woman actually paying attention to him.

so day went off without a hitch. The house is still in the experimental stages, so we will see how it goes. was getting some lag so i turned it off. hopefully that doesnt continue or ill have to scrap this project and start in another town.

 i gave Morrigan a slight makeoever. i just love this sim, shes odd looking but gorgeous. i hate her boob problem tho. i cant fix them no matter how i try

 Morty is loving the hot tub. thats about the only furniture in the house atm lol.

flirty flirty. They have been extreamly receptive to one another's advances. so this looks promising!! (even if they hate each other, i WILL make them breed, so compatibility in this project is moot)

well thats all for now


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