im tired of waking up every day

and seeing the stupidity that seems to have taken over the world. people in charge (or who want to be in charge) seem to think that its their job to dictate how other people live their lives. no, it isnt. this country is free for a fucking reason. its not YOUR call to tell ANYONE how to live their life. if you dont like a certain type of person, SO FUCKING WHAT!!!. put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

it is NOT constitutional to FORCE people to change their lives because YOU DONT LIKE IT. and while we are on the topic, its also extremely stupid to try to tell women what we can and cannot do with our bodies. you think abortion is wrong? fine, dont have one. but honestly, you really have NO right to tell ME i cant.

so, they want to eliminate birth control now too. and another stupid politician is saying that single parenting is child abuse!! you know what? im a divorced mother of 3. i already had my children. i DO NOT want more. so, im supposed to just pretend to be dead for the rest of my life? o wait, im a single parent so i should go to jail. so wait, i cant take birth control, but being a single parent is a crime, make up your mind??

WTF is WRONG with you people??? do they REALLY think, that by making these completely insane, and irresponsible 'laws' that they are somehow forcing people to stop having sex? thats what it really is, the war against sex. which is even dumber than the war on drugs.

let me tell you morons something. you will NEVER stop people from having sex. you cant. you can pass all the fucking laws you want, its NEVER going to happen, so just accept it. sex is a natural instinct. like eating, its part of our survival. we are PROGRAMED by NATURE. no laws can change that.

you know what you get when you force people into a world with no birth control, no abortions, and no single parents?? FUCKING CHAOS. you think China is bad?
this will be hell on earth. overpopulation, poverty, crime rates soar, overcrowded prisons (from all those evil gay people and single parents filling up the jails) NO ONE is actualy RAISING the children we are all forced to have, and guess what? no one wants to adopt them either.

and the child abuse will be disgusting proportions. we already SEE what happens when someone has a child they dont want or dont love. they beat it, neglect it, leave it in a dumpster. THIS IS APPARENTLY WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT WANTS. more dumpster babies. their are already so many children NOT being adopted, already living in the system. how many MORE will their be, when every pregnancy is forced to term?? double? triple?

this shit is sickening and it nauseates me that  people actualy think these policies are good ideas. they (the policies) are immature, and irresponsible.
you cant run a country that way! are you freaking kidding me? you know what? i dont think a single one of these republican douchebags are qualified to run ANYTHING. Whos voting for these morons??

im tired of waking up every day... the whole fucking world is out of its mind


  1. I didn't realize the government was in bed with the Vatican. ;)


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