Empire or Stormcloak?

so who do you prefer fighting for? i have played both sides, but Stormcloak a few times more than empire.
im beginning to think i like Empire more tho.
True, the empire kind of gave their people the finger by accepting the concordat. BUT, they also did it to keep peace in the kingdom and save lives. perhaps to even bide time to fight the thalmor at a later date when the empire is stronger.
Ulfric, for all his good intentions and valid points, is essentially just a spoiled child who is crying he doesnt have what he wants.  and honestly, cant do it without me. (werewolf follower and dragon on call FTW!)

so what is your stance on the war? who do you sympathize with and why?


  1. I haven't joined either side yet (in the 4 different games I have going). Ulfric was just plain rude when my Nord went to join the Stormcloaks so I didn't bother.  She had just solved a murder and killed a few dragons attacking his hold but he just wanted to sulk. Things seem more peaceful in the Empire held areas. 

  2. I've yet to join the stormcloaks, the Empire was okay but I want to see what will happen if I join the rebellion lol


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