if i ran for political office...

i had some odd thoughts last night as i was drifting off to sleep.. its probably a good idea i NEVER hold a public office lol. because i might do things that would make sense.. but people would hate it.

for instance. in our modern, consumer based society, we rely of a variety of chemical products to get us thru our daily lives. to avoid nasty lawsuits, accidental deaths, and flipper babies, these products undergo a barrage of testing, usually on animals, to make things safe for human use. well.. what if...

we set all the bunnies, monkeys and stray dogs free, and instead test our dangerous chemical products on convicted felons. in MY government, we wouldn't sentence violent criminal to death anymore. oh no. we would instead, sentence them to to the science lab.

why should the chinchilla suffer? he has committed no crimes. would you rather see an emaciated dog with electrodes sticking out of its head? or a child rapist?
sounds like a good idea NOW doesnt it? in my opinion, if you commit, and are convicted of committing a violent crime against another human being, you have then forfeited your human rights.

why should you have rights? you took a life/raped a child, you no longer count as a human being. in fact, your less than dirt. why not experiment on these people? we will get better results too, seeing as how the drugs/products are now being tested on human subjects. cruel and inhuman punishment you say?

explain to me HOW. do you really feel a 'lethal injection' is justice? sitting on death row for years and years, sponging off the state, watching cable tv and eating 3 meals a day? really? this is punishment? law abiding poor people have it worse than this.

under MY plan, violent criminals now become a useful tool in society. who knows, maybe this kinda thing will actually act as a deterrent. would YOU rob a bank knowing the government science lab might stick lipstick up your ass daily just to see what happens? i dont know about you, but i would MUCH rather see this happen to a scumbag than an innocent dog.

and this is why, i can never ever have a position of power hahaha


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