whos the dawg who gets to marry the Dragonborn??

this guy

here is our wedding

hes a hopeless romantic and a fierce protector. im lucky if i actually get to kill anything coming at me.

the rest are just nice screenshots i took that i thought would make good desktop pics. most of the desktop pics i use now are skyrim screenshots lol. i have a slideshow thingy that rotates all my desktop pics, its neat. WARNING: possible spoiler pics

 here is my slave leia armor i downloaded from the nexus. its vurry nice

 anyone know how to get rid of the compass display for screenshots?
this wasnt a great pic, but hey, its hard to get pictures when Alduin is trying to kill you.

 i believe, this is a shot of Alduin dying.  cant tell, and i took so many its hard to remember

 Sovnguard sure is beautiful

 blackreach is a mysterious and beautiful place.

 this is one of the custom henchmen my bf made, wearing custom armor i downloaded. its a re-skin of glass armor.

well i hope you enjoyed my pics. the scenery in this game is so freekin amazing


  1. I LOVE Sovnguard! It literally looks like heaven! I almost cried at the sight of it :'D

  2. Nice pic's of Skyrim Zeri!  Gotta love the pc version!


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