blown away

i got accepted for a chance to beta test the upcoming MMO Tera. really shocked me, cause i never thought i would get picked. well after 2 whole days of downloading it (and then some) i finaly got to try it today. and omfg is it AMAZING.
i cant find my screenshots anywhere so i cant show you all pics right now, but its unbelievable. the graphics are fucking spectacular. and you can play it with an xbox controller! i still had mine plugged in from playing skyrim, and it worked! NO MORE GRINDING!!!! its so much fun to just button mash thru a battle instead of task bar-ing it. i cant wait to play it some more, unfortunately tho, it comes with retarded mmo geek (professional) gamer twits running their mouths on the chat screen, just like every other game. omg can someone make these loser idiots shut up once in a while? way to ruin ANY game. arguing over how much this game sucks and how much they stole from some other game that sucks. and how women gamers arent real and the ones that ARE real are all fat ogres in the basement. like you guys are any kinda prize, am i right? heres an idea, go outside now and then. leave me alone to enjoy a game in peace for once!! id pay extra to play a game where you can disable the chat box permanently.

on another note, i downloaded a really cool sidekick for my skyrim game. a black sabercat! its AWWWWEESOOOMEE. know what else is awesome? the werewolf henchman my boyfriend made for me.. :D teehee!!! i have a werewolf follower who fights for me and carries my shit! hes the BEST!!!! hes so fkin awesome!
he needs a cool name tho, any ideas?

twas a good day


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