what a disaster

 So my vampire sim, Shen Fang, finaly found the love of her life in China.. mr Ho Sung Kim. (gotta have that hidden trait) she brought him home and their wedding was on the horizon.

 the big day arrived, and i had built a lovely little wedding chapel just for the occasion. half the town was there! i never saw such a turnout for a wedding!  but just when Shen and Ho Sung were about to exchange rings, he decided to become a vampire!

 so by now the guests are getting impatient and hungry. they came to see a wedding and all they are seeing is some dude turn into a vampire. i told them to get married again...

 and THEN he decided to age up! i was starting to get really mad lol. so now the guests are REALLY agitated. everyone is hungry, bored, and tired of waiting. the party started at 7 and now its nearly 1130 and still no wedding. by thne Shen was so tired, she kept trying to take a nap in her sleeping bag. needless to say, the wedding was a disaster.  i sent everyone home, and had to face the shame of 'we came to see a wedding, but i guess its just not gonna happen!'

they had a private wedding the next day after Shen came home from work. so at least they got that knot tied. but wow i never had so much go wrong at one wedding lol


  1. I always make my Sims have private weddings since I'm not that fussed with the whole wedding thing IRL. Lots of people seem to have trouble with them in Sims though.  Especially if it's critical to a legacy or something. 

  2. i dont often have big public weddings.. so when i DO have one, its annoying when it doesnt work out lol. i just get bored of the home wedding sometimes and want to fancy it up. plus i got them those fantastic wedding outfits i just wanted to see in action :)


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