a tale of 2 towns

i JUST got it!!! the new 3d harvest moon!

so far its really cool. i picked the girl farmer and i went to the animal village. theres alot to explore and you get a horse and cart for once lol. i already have my eyes on a cute guy in the next town over *wink wink*

this should keep me interested for a good long time. unlike the last few harvest moon titles (which seemed a tad lacking, in all honesty) this one seems to get back to the heart of what made the game fun in the first place.

well, ive only been playing a few hours, but so far so good!


  1. I'm playing that too! I moved into the animal town also. What guy you picked? Kana? I'm trying to get the flower guy, Cam at the moment. I did have my eyes on Kana though. The game is a lot fun. Last time I saved I got fishing rod, so going to try catching some fish. It's pretty awesome and is definitely better than the last Harvest Moon. Have fun1 :)

  2. :O I love Harvest Moon! To be honest though, I haven't bought or played the last couple of games. I had the GC one, A Wonderful Life and the first Wii one though...

    Might get the new one if you recommend it? :)

  3. i think his name is Kana, i dont remember. i first saw CAm and i was like, 'hey cutie!!' and then i went exploring and found the other town. the horse farm guy is like WOW! lol. tall dark and handsome, yes please :P
    yes i do reccomend this one, if your a harvest moon fan. i had wonderful life, and i loved it, but it was so lacking compared to some of the previous ones. i have been playing grand bazaar on ds, and altho i enjoy it, it gets SO boring. this one seems to have alot more to offer. and the harvest goddess is back!!! :D

  4. k its definitely Kana. i  just went and paid him a visit <3. and i really life how you can do 'quests' for villagers. really breaks up the monotony of the typical farming day. and forces you to meet people!

  5. Well who doesn't love a bit of the Harvest Goddess, eh? :)

  6. Haha I knew you picked Kana. Him and Cam are the best choices to me. When I'm finished with this town, I might start over and try getting Kana. ;P

    The quest part though is awesome! Really makes slow farming and rainy days more interesting. :)

  7. Definitely recommeded! :D The last few were kinda lacking. The bazaar one was ok, but it did get boring at times. This one is a winner. Hehe :)


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