let the bloodbath begin!!

so i FINALY maxed my enchanting skill in Skyrim. all my other characters never got a chance to. i beat the dam game before i got that shit maxed. well this time i went slow, on purpose, to get that maxed. and ooooo is it worth it hehehe.
i can put 2 enchantments on things now.
i put health leech and firey soul trap on my scimitar. im one hitting everything! haha. i drain their life and i steal their soul. i love my scimitar <3

now i just need to enchant my gear to raise one handed and ill be one hitting freekin dragons. (not like it takes long to kill them now) i dont even need the dragon bane sword anymore. maybe ill give it to my henchman.
nah, that putz will lose it. ill hang it on the wall ^_^

now i just want the living room to myself so i can go kill some more >:(


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