well nevermind.

i was bored and decided to just go ahead and build that house myself anyway. altho im still not sure i actualy want to use it.

 i didnt use a floorplan, i just went and improvised. its not too bad i dont think. i wanted to make sure there would be lots of room for my unicorns to run. the house seems kinda small

 i love this ivy. i dont remember where i got it, but it looks really amazing and you can stack it, and place it wherever. it also has its own mesh so it sticks off the building and looks like foliage.

 the house went thru a few different paint jobs before i finally settled on one i didnt hate

 i put in a nice pond and there is a garden area out back too, altho you cant see from this angle. i put death fish in the pond XD

 heres the top floor. i have at least 4 bedrooms here and 2 bathrooms. not too shabby for a house that appears this small from the outside.

 ground floor has a kitchen, butlers quarters, laundry room, 2 bathrooms, and a living room. im still trying to figure out where im going to put my dining table.

it has a large basement too, unlike my current house. there is room enough down here for another 3 or 4 bedrooms, or just random junk space. (my family has allota junk lol) there is also a secret vampire room (they are my new thing apparently)

so what do ya think? decent? sucky? im still trying to decide if im gonna use it for my legacy family... i probably will... but im not sure its totaly up to par... hmm


  1. OOooOO! That looks pretty cool! Perfect for vampires :P I'd like to see the rest when you're done

  2. think so? :D yeah i might go and move them into it tomorrow. theres alot of furnishing and whatnot yet to do. i only made the shell, basicaly

  3. Sorry chicka. I had seen your last post about builders possibly building you a house for your Legacy, but I forgot, and I also haven't been building anything lately, although I have been drawing up plans. If you would like, I could attempt to build you something, I just dunno if it'll be any good, hehe. :)

    However, I will say that I think you did a lovely job on this build!

  4. 'Tis looking fairly good! The only thing I would say, is have you considered rebuilding the house closer to the front, of the lot, and having the spaces for horses and such, at the back?

    Just a suggestion :)

  5.  aw its alright, i know you got alot goin  on right now :) ty tho

  6.  yeah i had considered that. i struggled for a while trying to decide where exactly to put the house. my original concept on this lot had the barn and garage on opposite sites with an archway connecting the two on a gate kinda thing. but i ended up not really liking it, so i scrapped the garage. i kept the barn, and put the garage next to it. the house just kinda emerged from there

  7. Fair enough :) It guess if you do a bit of landscaping around the front it won't seem so far away.


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