Thursday, February 23, 2012

attention builders!

i am considering perhaps replacing my legacy house. i really really like the house they are in currently, but i feel that its just too small and cramped for my needs. and im not really having many ideas for a new house atm. who would like to build one? :D

the house would be for my Ovevil family. Info about them HERE
they are a gothy/addams family-ish type family and i want their house to reflect that.
i prefer a 64x64 lot as i will need ALOT of room. they have unicorns, so there should be plenty of yard space and room for stables. the house should have at the very least, 4 bedrooms, but the more the merrier. basements are optional, but fine with me. and please have room enough inside so that sims can maneuver. nothing bugs me more than a beautifully made house i cant actually live in

use whatever cc you like, but please give me a link the items so i can download it if its not included. i would like the house to have a graveyard if possible, and really have an all over victorian/gothic feel. it does not have to be accurate to any architectural style tho. as long as its creepy looking, ill be happy ;)

please leave the house unfurnished if you can. if you are interested in building something for me (or have something you think fits) please let me know!

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