i find this new 'my page' thing and the imminent showtime EP to be rather ominous. its not just the fact that these things may (and more than likley WILL) break everyone's game. thats only a small part of it.

it feels like the sims is going away from me. this series of games that i have loved for over a decade, is now tired of me. sims is going in directions im not exactly willing to follow it. im not done with sims, i LOVE sims... but the sims doesnt seem to want ME anymore.

once again, big business is catering to the youthful fans, and ignoring the people who build this franchise in the first place. it happens with just about everything i love eventually.

'progress' they supposedly call it. i dont feel the game is 'progressing' in a direction i agree with. and that depresses me, because i may very well have to say goodbye to my sims in the near future.

i hope so much, that this showtime/lunar lakes/katy perry thing is just a.. fad. i hope it goes away, and the next ep is back on track... because honestly, if i dont have sims in my life, i dont know what to DO with myself.
im not a soap opera kinda person. i cant watch daytime tv, id kill myself.


  1. Well said, I feel pretty much the same way... =o/

  2. Same here. I don't like the new direction it's going either. I can't imagine myself walking away from the series, but the way things are going I might one day.  :/

  3. I feel the same way and it's probably why I don't feel like playing TS3 at the moment. 

  4. you know, the sad thing is, the demographic they are catering to, probably wont even be interested in the sims in a year. but us long time players, are getting the shaft.

  5. I see you point and completely agree. But in the end, not alot of us use the officials anymore anyway, I can't even remember the last time I used my page...

    As for the EP, don't buy it and don't patch. Keep your game how it is now, with the stuff you did want. As far as I see it, the way I enjoy my game isn't changed by the EPs they release. I'll carry on playing, and posting on my blog, regardless of the new expansions, because the game I love, is still there.

    This isn't a dig by the way :)

  6.  well thats my plan, basicaly. but if someone gifts me, or a stuff pack comes out that i want, ill have to patch anyway

  7. Ahh, didn't think of that... I don't really buy stuff packs, when there's so much CC out there for freesies.


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