3rd times a charm

ok so i went back in and tried to build a new house for my legacy. i have been looking at houses and floor plans to get ideas. but mostly, i wanted to incorporate at least 2 features. i wanted a round dining room, and the large 2 story windows that my current house has. so, after much trial and error, i build a house around these 2 things... here is what i got

 this one has potential i think. i LOVE the look of the outside. and hopefully, the inside is as livable as i like it to be.

 this is the second floor. i managed to cram 5 bedrooms up here, plus 2 bathrooms. and thats AFTER completely ripping apart the entire second floor and rebuilding it, because my second story windows had no 'open to below' area.

ground floor. the circular room is the dining room, the red square next to it is the kitchen. the purple room is the great room/library and the 2 smaller rooms are either a tv room or i have no idea lol.  2 small bathrooms on this floor. i also put a large garden area just outside the large 2 story windows.

there is a basement too, with a butler room, and a secret vampire room, and secret magic chamber. i think i just might end up using this one, so far im really liking it :)

now to add the landscaping and horse stuff.

ok well im slightly dissapointed in the landscaping.

its not bad, but i dont really have much room left for the unicorns to run... and that barn sticks out like a sore thumb... but, i think i can probably make this work.. i dont hate it, thats for sure :D

any comments or suggestions?


  1. I personally would change the colour of the barn, probably to a light greyish brown wooden colour, and probably relocate the barn closer to the back of the lot, so the horses have that whole front side section to run . But that's just me :)

  2.  yeah a color change is a good idea. if i move the barn to the back tho, it will dominate the view through the 2 story windows. i figured its less intrusive near the front

  3. maybe ill just knock down the barn and leave the stalls in the yard like i have now. barns are useless anyway

  4. I have to say Miss Zeri - you're not half bad in build mode, are ya? ;P x

  5. 'Tis true... Just get rid of it then :') Also, forget to say tis a loverly hoose you got yerself thar!


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