what a difference shadows make

 so i just had a driver update on my vid card yesterday, and when i opened the game today all the settings were different. it was a BIG difference

 i had previously turned off shadows.. because they caused alot of lag. but now im not actually seeing much lag. (might have alot to do with the fact that i killed all the memories)

 it might not really be too noticable in these pics... but i was just sitting there going WOW the whole time

 my horses looked amazing... the shadows really add something to the game

 my sim detail was on medium before too. now its on high

i just stole this little beauty from the fishing spot. she looks alot like my other unicorn, but shes more of a cream color. it didnt count toward my sims LTW tho, because i had to cheat to get her. stupid game will never let me adopt a unicorn naturaly >:(


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