more 7 days to die

so he got me the game on steam now, so we can play together in the same game.. i dunno why he didnt just do that to begin with. i hate buying the same game twice! but whatever.

attempted to try my hand at a single player game with zombies on again. been practicing a lot on the ps4 in  no zombie games so i really know my way around the controls and weapons now.
but the controls are different on the pc? well great!

also discovered that you can tweak your game options. so i turned zombies on low, never run, and left on 'cheat' mode.
i cheat rarely. as the scavenging is the fun part for me. BUT its almost a necessity for construction. if im going to build any kind of decent base that zombies cant eat thru, im going to need the cheat menu.

tried doing it legit for the first few days. holed up in an abandoned gas station. there was a ladder to the roof and a fence around the backyard. seemed like the perfect place! i set up camp on the roof and prepared to shoot em when they came close.

2 two nights before red night (the 7th day the zombies go all nuts and swarm in a bloodthirsty hord) several zombies found me at my gas station.
i was pretty confident that they couldnt reach me, so i didnt panic much. but i couldnt see them well from the roof of the gas station, so i didnt get to shoot them all. i could hear them slobbering and snarling below me (scary!) but couldnt do anything about it. then i hear the fence break....

so now im panicking. its dark as shit and i cant see and im swinging my shot gun around looking for them... and then a shadow appears in front of me on top of my hideout! the zombie bitch actually climbed the ladder?


so i blew away 2 zombies that managed to make their way to the top of the gas station and i waited for morning VERY paranoid...

must find a new hideout and soon. only 2 days to red night.

at dawn i wanted down the road a bit to see what i could find. there were some very high end looking houses on a small dead end street. i had to clear out the rotters out. they came out frome everywhere when i started down the street, and my shot gun blasts just drew in more. but it was daylight and they only came from the one direction so it wasnt too bad.  then i had my choice of these 3 houses! i picked the biggest one (mistake)

really nice place. but there were zombies trapped inside, i could hear them. i make my way around the entire house looking for a safe way in, but i really didnt want to be ambushed in there. i hadnt seen the inside of this house before (i had seen both the others on my ps4 version already) so i didnt know the layout. i blew out a few windows hoping they would come to me but nothing...

just the groans and scraping and snarls continue.. so i sit on the roof of the garage thinking about how im going to get thoses guys out of there withotu putting myself at risk, and they burst thru the wall!

they sensed me outside on the garage roof, so they ATE THRU THE UPSTAIRS WALL into the crawlspace above the garage.

blam blam, 2 less zombies. but now my new house is all fucked up lol

time for the cheat menu. i need to make this place zombie proof, and fast


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