same old story for me it seems

so my computer died AGAIN and there is just no point in fixing it this time. that was like 4 power supplies it went thru. the newest one barely had any dust on it it was so new. so instead of trying to figure out what kind of voodoo curse my pc had, i just bought a new one.

unfortunately, that means my entire sims game is gone (again). nate is going to try to slave my old hard drive into the new machine, so hopefully i can retrieve the Samhain family. i was really getting attached to them. if not, ill have to once again start over.

all my content is gone for good now haha. after all that i went thru reinstalling the game fresh with none of my mods, now im forced to start from scratch anyway.

my new pc comes in the mail this week i think, so there will be lots of installing to do!
i miss my simmies :(


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