7 days to die

so my bf has been playing this game on steam recently and wont stop raving about it. we were at gamestop picking up something and he saw it there for ps4. he practically BEGGED me to get it so i could play it too.
i was like uh.. no i HATE zombies. survival horror is not my genre.
but he insisted i try it, said it was like skyrim, id love it! so yeah i broke down and bought it.

right off the bat the controls made me a little motion sick. there is little to no tutorial whatsoever so you are basically on your own trying to figure out how anything works or what you have to do to survive.

luckily i didnt get attacked right away, and nate helped me get some supplies together before i even saw one.
the combat is dreadful.
IF it had controlled like skyrim, now that would be something. but the weapon swings are all haphazard,  the enemy mechanics are dreadful, and its damn near impossible to take down ONE zombie let alone a hord.

which is what i experienced on the 7th day.. a FUCKING HORD. now anyone who knows me knows i have a thing about zombies. 
i dont like em. i have been terrified of zombies since i was 9 years old and only jut stopped having nightmares about them after watching the walking dead.

so needless to say, this was very disconcerting. i think my exact words were


yeah they killed me. thne i was left naked and alone in the desert again forced to go look for my pack of supplies i can lovingly scavenged or crafted over my 7 days. i even had a chainsaw! :D
chainsawed thru that first hoard after finding my pack and spent the next 7 days preparing.

really starting to get into the crafting. you can make just about anything, i could build an entire house practically if i had the material.
and roaming around the wilderness scrounging for supplies has its own charm. i really started to enjoy my adventuring and crap pile.

then day 14 came.
i had built a pit of spikes around my found trailer home and reinforced the doors. didnt help.
there were SO many fucking zombies that the first few destroyed the spikes by dying on them, and then the others just walked over it. they tore down my doors and ate me... again..


then i discovered online that you can just play in creative mode. so i made a new game with NO zombies. just me and the wilderness with nothing and i need to find food and shelter and warmth.
now this i can enjoy. just me vs the elements and i dont have to worry about rotters coming at me from behind while im chopping down a tree.

i found a great old house DEEP in the woods and im holed up in there now. fixed all the holes but the windows are still broken so its drafty, and its a snow landscape this time. so i need to be warm. and there isnt really any water supply nearby and food is quite scarce.

yes THIS i can get into . no worries about face eating just plain ol survival. it will be challenging enough just to find enough food and water to live, plus wandering off to find other supplies or the settlement that is supposedly on this map somewhere.

im rather addicted to this thing now


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