built the same house 5 times over 2 days

because everytime i used buydebug, the game freezes now for some reason. :/ only took 3 times before i realized it was buydebug specifically. thne i tried various things to fix it, to no avail. so i just avoided using it and finally got the damn house build. well i know that floorplan pretty damn well now hahaha. (and now i know why i had trouble building the dive lot)

 well anyway a lot has happened!

the quads had a pleasant childhood, and were best friends

 then they aged up huzzah

 Andromeda looks just like her mother. but she has grandpa's hair and dads eyes

 Robbie rolled a want to have a baby. i have teens already so it seemed late in the game to have more (plus ive already chosen Andromeda) so i had his plant a plantsim baby. sadly tho, it didnt satisfy the want :(

 then Robbie gets abducted! i have no idea why either he doesnt do any 'risky' behaviour

 Andromeda meets grandpa

 she went out snorklelin before school and the cops had the nerve to come and try to arrest her. they couldnt even get her in the water so she just kept on doing her think while they stood on shore waiting for her haha

 birthday time! all undesirables, GET OUT

 the house was feeling a but cramped so i built a new one. i hope this is the right picture, i built the damn thing 5 times

 i thought the reaper door would be a hilarious solution to my paparazzi problem. on the contrary.. now i have a 'paparazzi always dying in the middle of the night and waking everyone up' problem

 Andromeda randomly rolled a want to make the future a utopia. i said, eh why not

 gees another one. i might have to get rid of that door

 Andromeda became a lifeguard! and she is having a hard time finding single guys in town (typical with nraas mod running the show) luckily tho she is a genie so she has an extended lifespan. im not in an extreme hurry.

after meeing several nice fellows and discovering  ALL of them were married, i was about to just do the 'knocked up by random guy' thing with her too.
then i noticed in my nraas message window than a fairy boy that she went to school with, was recently dumped. woooboy i invited him over right away!

she asked him to move in, so he didnt get away. hes not perfect.. kind of a weird chin and a round head, and hes a fairy. they have ridiculously long lifespans, like vampires. you get sick of them and kill them before they die of old age.

but other than that, hes kind of a cutie. still havent decided if shes going to marry him. if another guy frees up in the next day or so, she might dump him, but if not, he will do. she could certainly do worse.

altho after moving him in, a few days later i get the message he is now a father. that creep left his pregnant girlfriend!


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