my new puter is so amazeballs

so i got this new rig that we custom built from the internets. its liquid cooled and has a super duper processor and vid card. its a fucking monster. so i HAD to see how the sims ran on it. i have everything cranked all the way up, and it runs like a dream. not a stutter or a hiccup. loading times are almost nonexistant. only problem is, the resolution is TOO high haha. the ui is so small. i had to actually turn the resolution down just to be able to see it. but the game looks great.. well it looks half great. the sims themselves look amazing, the ground and other objects look kinda.. eh. the graphics are so good now they actually make the game look bad hahaha. but i mean it IS kind of an old game now. but man am i amazed at how fast it goes. it took like less than 5 minutes to load up the future world. there is almost no load time in CAS. im still blown away.

 i made this dorkus as my first family founder. im trying once again to make my dryad family. the two occults im trying to blend, tend to not want to play together. fairy

 and plantsim. i either get one or the other, never both. (usualy a forbidden fruit) so i finally got sick of trying to make it happen naturally and just used MC to make their first child a hybrid. ta dah,,, dryad!!

 being dryads it seemed unlikely they would even need or want a house. so fuck it, no house! they live in this field. there is actually everything they need here, cleverly hidden or camouflaged.

 living in a field can get a little boring tho. nekkid time

fucking rude ass paparazzi watching my sims whoohoo..... creepy

im having a lot of fun with this family! once winter comes that will be the REAL test. my other computer lagged like a bitch in winter. i usually had to cut winter short so i didnt have to deal with that shit very long.

ive got all my mods in too. i still need to hunt down some of the hairs and other content i ued to have, but i have almost got it all back together.


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