suck it, Alduin

 kicked your ass once again! wasnt sure i really could with this toon. shes a spellsword, and just a bit on the squishy side. she pulled it off, tho. better than my previous character, who had a real rought time. (but Alduin was glitched and wasnt taking damage, so yeah that was fun)

 also, check out my awesome ghost dog pet!

i had a mod from the nexus that lets you tame animals from all over Skyrim.
you can tame almost anything you want. i was doing Labyrinthian when these spectral warhounds come running out. luckily i had no pet at the time so i whipped out my tame beast spell and blamo! ghost dog hehehe. i wasnt sure it would work on him, but it did!
hes so awesome XD


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