just finished the Falskaar mod storyline for skyrim.
but i think i screwed myself. just after the final battlefiel fight, i went wolf, and munched on a few leftover bodies that were lying around.
(a wolfs gotta eat)
so after snacking on all the casualties, i ran up to my next objective. i paused outside the door, afraid if i went in wolf i would get my allies to aggro me.
so i saved and went in just to see what happend.
they didnt seem to notice, but i was frozen. i could move around but i couldnt attack, or use inventory or activate any buttons at all.
so after sitting thru (another) long winded speech from the Jarl, i had to reload my previous save since i couldnt fight the last guy.
i load up and rest a few times so wolf wears off.
only now, i cant seem to interact with my follower anymore.
shes acting like i asked her to wait, and no other dialog shows up. so i drag her into the dungeon telling her to 'go here' the whole time.
listen to Jarl Yaksalot do his speech again and kill the last guy. before i can do anything els,e the credits roll and (after some lengthy credits) i am back in town in the inn.
no follower


i run all the way BACK to the cave and its sealed.. with my follower on the other side. since she was waiting, she didnt go with me.
and now i CANT go get her.

so i have to go back and redo the entire ending AGAIN. but when i loaded my save, her dialog is broken again! wtf?

time to quit for the night... ill argue with it tomorrow..
i dont think i can listen to that windbag prattle on anymore today anyhow


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