dont give a dam.

about the sims 4. ive seen the screenies, and the videos and been to the forum. honestly im not impressed at all. it looks like they were making a web game and just forgot to make it on the web.

this is a step up? sorry ill be sticking with ts3 for now. sure its got its problems. its buggy as fuck and you need mods just to run it properly, and some days i spend more time fixing than playing.

but the gameplay, graphics, and features are all awesome.
this is the first time i have NOT been excited for a new sims game. (not including URBZ. that one just looked strait dumb)

maybe im just getting old. thats a big part of it, i think. they are deliberately abandoning the player base that made this franchise, and are pandering to the new generation.  i will never understand why companies do that. is my money not good enough for you all of a sudden? this is my reward for product loyalty?

teenagers do not have more money to burn than adults. they (for the most part) dont even have jobs. so adults are paying for it ANYWAY.
so please explain the logic that teens have more disposable income.

but i digress... i have a tendancy to wander off topic now and then.
in a nutshell, ts4 sucks nuts.
no CAST, no accidental deaths, shitty looking sims, no ty. who knows what other fun they robbed from it.

goodbye, sims. i loved you. for a long time, you were my life. but now that seems to be over. i dont know what to even do with myself anymore


  1. I completely agree. I honestly think that TS4 was going to be an online-to-play game. Then came the Sim City fiasco. Then they rushed to announce TS4, and the only info they really gave was that it would not have to have a persistent internet connection to play. But once they started showing screen shots, it sure did look like it was originally designed to be online. And the lack of CAST is an absolute deal-breaker for me.
    I re-installed all of TS2 a few months ago, and I couldn't stand to play without CAST. -Taffy87

  2. yeah that really is a bog one for me. it was one of the 'holy shot, WOW' moments of ts3. i cant go without it now

  3. Of course you know what to do ... keep playing Sims 3! You definitely won't be alone.

  4. yeah no plans to leave ts3 any time soon :)


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