my sweet little argonian boy

ive adopted a new son!

isnt he just the cuuutiewootiest? i got a mod that adds an argonian and a khajiit child that you can adopt. im playing an argonian, and thought it would be nice to have one of my own kind :D

im tired of all the potato head nord kids. they all look the same


  1. Very cute! And you're right - the nords do look a bit spud-like :)

    It's fun to see pics from peoples' Skyrim games. Nobody in my house has played it for a while and I kind of miss listening in while I'm playing Sims. I need my fix of "everything's for sale!" and folk taking an arrow to the knee :P

  2. yeah i never leave skyrim for very long lol. now that i play on pc, i can mod the crap out of it, so it gives it new life and allows me to do things i couldnt before. like the argonian boy :) i married Veezara last night too, from the dark brotherhood. i have a mod that brings him back to life :) so few cute argonians around lol


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