update on my personal hell

well i got back from the hospital today. went to the emergency room a few days ago when the illness i have got so bad my lungs all but shut down. i have asthma, so this kinda thing does happen from time to time. and with such an aggressive cough, i suppose it was inevitable. still dont know what the cough illness is, but i guess it doesnt matter. just an severe chest cold i suppose. but i hacked myself to death and got a mass in my lung. i couldnt breathe, couldnt even stand up. but im lots better now, and lung function is better than ever :)
forced breathing treatments every 4 hours can do that for ya hahaha. they got my on steroids now too :/
i dont really care for those but i guess its necessary. gettin old i guess :(
cant just get by on my inhaler anymore


  1. Yikes Zeri ... look after yourself! (getting old sucks in my experience - nothing works like it used to)

  2. Crumbs!  Hope you feel better soon.  Although it sounds as though it wouldn't be possible for you to feel much worse!  


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