and here are the quads

they have grow up! (finaly) my butler quit on me halfway tru their toddlerhood. luckily i still had a bonehilda. she seems to live for the wee ones. gotta put her back in her closet before i rehire the butler. they seem to always quit on me mumbling about turning into the undead or some such nonsense. o well here are my ladies!

from left to right (if i remember correctly)
Alana, Alina, Alora, and Alayna.

Alana is insane. gotta love those crazy chicks. thats about the only redeeming quality hes got tho. her other 2 traits suck. in fact, ALL of them got really sucky traits. i usualy have fairly decent luck aging up toddlers who weren't 'raised right' and getting decent traits. well not THIS time lol.

genticaly tho, Alina and Alana are my favorites. the other two are PU. Alana has the crazy thing and shes got way better features, so i may end up going with her. Alina is a witch tho, and shes the only redhead. both of which can be given to Alana if i really wanted to interfere. i usualy like to let them keep whatever haircolor the game gives them.

but we will see i guess. Alana is the front runner, but its anybodys game untill they hit teen! then we will REALLY see who shines!


  1. the one on the left is actualy Alina, then Alana... ooops


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