Hurricane a-comin

so im on the east coast, and in the path of the 'frankenstorm' the media is crowing about. i dont know exactly what to feel about this whole thing... the media tend to blow alotta shit out of proportion, but from what i see, its already done ALOT of damage down south.
im inland quite a ways tho, and in the mountains so it might not be too bad where i am. still a little scary tho... im wondering if i should bother sending my kids to school tomorrow. i think the worst thing that will happen is power outages maybe... which means..

i wont be able to play sims for a few days at least.. D:.. wjat the hell am i gonna do with no pc and no TV????? OMG!!!


  1. Batten down the hatches!  This map might help if you haven't seen something similar already 

  2. Stay safe! Yeah, they do tend to overexaggerate and fear-monger, but it looks like they could be right about this one. It's such a late storm that the heat and cold battering together makes it a bit more rough than your typical seasonal storm.

  3. i just heard it veered west and is hitting the mainland near washinton DC. so it might not even hit up here at all. we are getting some wind and rain right now, but nothing serious.

  4. That's good. I dunno how much you've gotten since your response, but waking up to news of Sandy this morning, WHOA. Blizzards, over 50 house fires in Queens, part of the Atlantic City boardwalk gone, HMS Bounty sunk, and all these deaths. Absolutely awful.

    I will say that I think they were right in warning about this storm. It definitely packed a terrifying punch.

  5.  yeah it pretty much just missed us. we got almost nothing, but the city and parts of jersey are devastated. what a mess


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