there is sick, and then there is whatever the hell i have

been balancing on the edge of my death bed for at least a week now. not literatly... at least as far as i know, im not dying, but that could change any day now i suppose. but whatever this is, is simply horrible.
and i dont even know what to call it. its certainly not a cold.. i suppose it might be the flu, but it doesnt really fit either. there are no nasal symptoms, just a horrific cough. and im asthmatic, so just regular coughs are a nightmare for me. whatever this is has me hacking so hard i dam near give myself a concussion. im weak, and wobbly, and have a mild headache... in short just plain miserable. i thought that it might be gone by now, but nooo it just lingers on and on.
i had my neighbor take my daughter to the doctor (im certainly in no shape to) and they only said she has an ear infection :/
so wtf is the REST of this misery? i havent even been able to play the sims.. it takes too much energy just to stand up. and i gotta wrangle 3 kids in this condition D:
all i can do i lay on the couch and wait for grimmy to come for me. anyone have a spare death flower?


  1. You don't look so good ... is it case of the rattles?  

    We had a pretty bad winter this year with bronchitis hanging about.  My son kept making himself sick with the coughing and just lay on the couch so I can imagine what you are going through. Not nice.  Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh my that doesn't sound good. I hope you feel better soon! :(

  3. Oh dear, that sounds familiar...
    Just a suggestion: go to the doctor (if you haven't already), and find out if you need a blood test for pertussis (ie: whooping cough). I had that myself about a couple of years ago, as did my partner, as did a few hundred others in our region. There was actually a whooping cough epidemic in our State for a while. The worst of it knocked me out for about a week, and afterwards when I felt physically somewhat better, the cough itself hung around for about three months.It generally needs to be confirmed with a blood test. Oh, and it's highly contagious, so I also suggest: stay away from school/work/whatever until you know for sure.

    I hope I'm wrong, and I hope you feel better soon. :( 



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