ok.. so... im a big fat hypocrite. so what

i railed tooth and nail against showtime. 'rabble rabble rabble!!' i yelled.
well my daughter wanted showtime so i let her buy it. (saved up and got it with her own money)
and still i poo-pooed all over it. 'phooey, showtime is stinky, thats my story and im stickin to it. evil, i say, EVIL!'
and if my pc never broke i just may have never tried it. but it did... yes it did.
so my bf (kind and generous as he is) offered to let me play sims in his pc. its super fast and awesome. so i went thru the laborious task of installing all my sims game. and my daughter suggested i install showtime too. cause why not, its not like im staying on this pc. so i said ok.
and at first, i played with supernatural and ignored the showtime features.
but i must admit, the more i look around and explore, the more im enjoying it.
i had one sim roll the LTW to be an acrobat. so i have been playing that and its fun!
i even sent her out on a simport thingy. i never in a million years thought i would or could get on board with this. but i guess its not as bad as i thought it would be.
its not even glitchy. but that might have a bit to do with my bf having a monster game rig and it being a virgin install. (no previous cc, mods, or save games)
 so, in short, im a big fat hypocrite.
 im not ashamed to admit i was wrong


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