pic spam!

 and these dont seem to be in any logical order lol. ok this first one is a foal born recently in my family. his mama was a pinto unicorn i downloaded from the exchange. his 'father' was the cream colored wild unicorn.

 this is his brother, orion. i think he has a more beautiful coat.

 here are the brothers together.

 ok this, is my starter sim, Ariel Gravedigger. she was my first CAS sim on this pc. she is a witch. that handsome fella shes with is the potion store clerk, Larry.

 Larry is a werewolf.

Larry and Ariel had 2 daughters. this one is Damiana, the heiress.

 Damiana moved into an old Ovevil house i had on my page and this fella was floating around hauntin the place. she married him. his skin is broken and hes all grey looking.
 i seemed to forget to get any pics of their children. they had 2 boys, both ghost babies. But Son (the grey dude) already had max gardening and cooking so he made ambrosia for eveyone

oo heres is Damiana starting off in her career as a mime. yeeeeuk.. she did eventualy become a master acrobat and retired a very wealthy (and famous) lady.

well i guess i should get more pics, i dont have ANY of my current gen lol. thats my family that im working on now :)
still dont have my own pc, but i dont mind, since i am havig do much fun with these guys :D


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