So i went with Alina (the crazy one)

and she turned out gorgeous

she is so much fun to play, i have been giving her life fruit so she doesnt grow up too fast lol. MAN ive missed playing a crazy.

and this is the family's forevercat

 Damiana i believe, adopted Kip from a shelter. he was SO adorable, i used young again potion on him 3 times. then, he died. (didnt have enough points for it that last time) but then,i resurrected him with a genie wish.
now i have used NRass mod to turn off his aging. so hes my forever and over cat. its nice to have a cat around when you have a family a witches.

i also recently got whoohooer mod. i had it before on my machine and i liked it. i love the risky whoohoo option. BUT this one had an addon i never saw before, the kama simtra lol. so basically it gives sims whoohoo skills and they can even do it 'professionally' or so ive been led to believe.

so i might make my crazy witch here. the town bike. i havent had one of those in a while, they are always fun.


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