wow some game company's DO give a shit!

i had some leftover xmas money so i was looking around online for a way to waste it. i came across an old game i used to love playing, warlords battlecry 3. well, i had played 2, so 3 must be much better! its an old rts game, but it was really cool, and different from the rest in certain ways. alot of rpg elements and you can actualy level up your hero.

well i whip out the bf's credit card and buy it, install it, and get ready for some old school conquering.. and then CTD. D:
so i lower the resolution (as if my computer cant run this 10 year old game bwahaha) and again CTD. so now im getting mad. i could JUST as easily gotten this game off pirate bay, but i chose to PAY for it, and it doesnt even work.
i went looking everywhere for fixes, patches, nothing is helping. and its not compatible with win 7 apparently...

so i write a nie letter to the support team, not really expecting to ever hear from them again. (as per my experience with EA)
today i actualy DID get a reply! not only did the nice man (i assume its a man) give me an alternate download to try, he said if it still didnt work, they would refund my money. welll, sadly it still doesnt work, but THIS is what CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

its kinda nice to be a VALUED customer for once


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