so my plan seems to have worked

last year around this time my snake got very sick. she stopped eating for months and got this crusty looking face and i thought she was going to die. i called a vet and he gave her some vitamins and fluids and she did eventually perk up (300 dollars later) and i thought maybe she was just old and sensitive to the winter cold. It didnt help either that a few days before it started getting really cold, her heat lamp broke, and it took me nearly a week to find another one.

so this year, when cold weather started coming around, and she started to lose her appetite and get crusty face AGAIN i thought all was lost. i can NOT afford 300 dollars a year to keep a snake alive, its cheaper to just get a new snake. I was about to give up on her when i had the idea to move her to the bathroom.

my house is very old, and just about all of the windows are leaky and drafty. i have to cover them with plastic every year, but that doesnt really help tremendously. Since the table where i usualy keep her was near such a window, i figured maybe she is getting a cold draft, and thats why shes getting sick. i keep a small heater in the bathroom so the kids dont freeze while taking baths, so its nice and toasty in there.

for the first month in the bathroom,  i was beginning to wonder if maybe it was moot. she still looked like hell, and she still wouldnt eat.
but then, she shed. all that crusty skin schluffed off, and she was shiny and beautiful again :)
i figured i might as well see if shes hungry so i plopped a mouse in there. she devoured it. XD
she was eating again, horray!!!
that was about 3 weeks ago. i think she has eaten 3 times since. her appetite is voracious, and im almost out of mice lol. But its really really good to see her in good health again finaly. I love my Circe <3


  1. Aww thats good to hear :) Good thinking on moving her to the bathroom, hope she stays healthy!


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