sonovabitching ARRRRG!!!!!!

so i went in my game today to play and decided to take the ol legacy family out for a spin, as i havent played them ion a while. i look thru the saved game list and they ARENT THERE. i looked thru it again and again and my family is just GONE.
FIFTEEN GENERATION IS GONE!. where the fuck did they go? did i accidently delete thme when i was clearing out save games and backups? wtf? and now i dont even remember the name of the town they were in so i can go into my backup save folder and just get them.......

omg im so pissed!!! 15 mtherfuckin generations gone!!! i have my latest hier on my simpage so maybe i can do something to salvage the family, but hes a teen. 

but the family tree will still be gone, and the house and all my unicorns... GRRRR

not a happy camper right now


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