WEW! Chris Jericho is back!

i love me some Chris Jericho. if you dont know who he is, hes a wwe wrestler. im not extreamly into it, but my bf is, so we watch it together. im more into the game,s cause you can make your own wrestlers.
well in any case, Jericho has bene gone a long time, probalby on tour with his band Fozzy. now hes back and im so happy XD

ive missed him. hes a great fighter. one of the reasons he is my favorite, is because no matter what odds are stacked against him, he can usualy pull it off. even tho hes smaller than alot of those other guys. hes a weasel, and he knows what hes doing. hes very talented. and hes cute too ;)

(and yes i know wwe is scripted, so spare me your lectures of 'oooh its fake,, boo)

i knew it was fake when i was 10. it doesnt make it less fun to watch


  1. I don't know what's with the mentality of "oooh, it's fake!" So are most things on TV. LOST was fake, and still kicked some major ass. So is Family Guy, so are a bunch of other great shows. It's entertainment, plain and simple.

    Loved Chris Jericho on DWTS. I think he did fantastic. :)

  2. yeah thats usualy the response i get when i mention that i watch it lol. and that is more or less my reply "so is EVERYTHING on tv"
    i stopped watching it for a long time when i became a teen, and really only got back into with when i met my current bf. its not like we watch and believe everything happening is spontaneous and real, i dont think ANYONE does that. its entertainment, just like you said, and since i find it entertaining, ill watch. i mostly like the characters and the little dramas they invent. i watch the fights, but alot of thme are boring and i tune my brain out lol. there are only a few wrestleres who i actively pay attention to. alot of the good ones are gone tho :( most of the new guys suck. another reason im SO glad to see Jericho back :)


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