ok wtf?

so i was going thru my cc folder last few days, cleaning out bad stuff, doubles, simpacks, etc. and running things thru the rig fix that i missed.
amazingly, my game is running alot more smoothly. but there is a strange side effect. i now have disgusting cc in my game that i dont recognise, and have NO idea how to get rid of it. i dont know where it even came from, i never would have downloaded it.
and i havent downloaded a sim from the exchange in ages. where theh ell are these things coming from? i uploaded a few sims with bad content into custard to find the code to remove them
but they dont match up with ANYTHING in the download folder, or the DCbackup folder.

omg where did this phantom shit come from? and where is it??


  1. Well the only thing I can tell you is look in the launcher under installed content. Then take out the mod folder, clear your caches, and see if they still shows up. Hmm...also try looking at crinrict thread in technical discussion on the forums. Clearing your caches might help, but I haven't a clue what else to suggest.

    I have some funky looking stuff in my game, I'm still trying to weed out. It can come from downloading houses also.

  2. yeah theres nothing in my installed content on the launcher. i think some of this junk has been here since before i installed it on this machine. its been piggybacking somewhere in either my mods/packages folder or somewhere else. there is no trace in the launcher at all.


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