had a disturbing dream last night

ever have one of those dreams, the eerily way too realistic, but the subject matter is just twisted?

yeah it was one of those. i would have sworn while dreaming that that shit was real. it even followed a logical timeline, like dreams rarely do. regular dreams your sitting in a treehouse one minute, then shaking hands with abraham lincoln the next, and its all part of the timeline. this one was kinda like a movie, each scene set up the next scene and the theme was consistant.. and disturbing..
i wont divulge the actual contents of the dreams.. not really sure i should.. but needless to say, its gotten me a little shaken up today.


  1. Now you've got me curious! lol

    I've never had a logical dream, not yet at least. I barely remember any of them except 5 which I have a fairly detailed memory of. 1 from when I was 4, I was in a blue house with an owl and went into a forest with all sort of scary crap. After hours of walking I come back to the same house and then see the same owl who teleports me back into real life (because that's when  I woke up). Don't feel like mentioning the other 4 as they're incredibly "WTF" worthy lol

  2. It's funny you should say that because I also had a dream last night which left me a bit shaken and upset. Full moon, maybe? Hmmm...

    The whackiest dreams I've had are the following:
    1. The one that keeps going, even after I've woken up (this has happened to me a couple of times!)
    2. The one that gets interrupted when I wake up in the night to go to the toilet, then I go back to sleep, and it picks up where it left off
    3. The one that replays, in full, twice in one night
    4. The one that plays out a complete "whodunit" mystery. I never get time to write those ones down, dammit. 


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