gay animals

has anyone had a gay pet? id be willing to bet yes, most of you either have, or know of one. homosexuality is fairly common in nature. but i was very surprised by what i saw this morning.

i keep mice, as i may have mentioned before. they are primarily snake food, but there are a few set aside as pets (or breeders)

to control the population, i have my males and females separated. While feeding the females this morning, i noticed one of them was mounting another one, and i thought, 'oh no theres a male in there!'

so i go into the tank to grab this 'male' only to discover is a female! now i have seen alot of male on male before, but i dont think ive EVER seen a female do this.

how interesting. i will be observing her to see if she does this kind of thing again. and i wonder what would happen if i put her in with the males?


  1. My Dad has a colleague, who has a cat called Percy.
    Percy keeps getting mounted by a neighbour's cat - Fluffy - and they're both male.

    Dad's colleague's girlfriend (goodness, this is getting confusing now XD)  keeps calling Fluffy, Percy's boyfriend. It's kind of weird and sweet all at the same time, Haha! But they do make a lovely couple ;)

  2. my step mother has chihuahuas. (both males) and one of them was always mounting the other one. i have seen it pretty often in dogs, actually. and i have seen it in mice before too, just never with a female. it was like whoa! lol


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