well that didnt last long

played for about 20 minutes and then the screen froze up while trying to move my simbot out of the house. yay. i think im done with sims today.
and wtf is the point of simbots, when ALL the sims seem to be grossed out by them? every time he walks into a room, the whole family is like 'ahh a simbot!' its kinda stupid


  1. I hate to see you having problems with your sims game. Are you sure everything is up-to-date, mods, hacks, sliders, cc? Are you checking for any bad files stored in your saved games folder?

    There was an issue I had before on my dads computer and we had about few user accounts and saw that one account was fully updated while the other accounts weren't. So if you have sims running under a couple accounts, try going through there and make sure everything is balanced.

    I hope you can fix it. *hugs*

  2. yeah everything should be updated to current versions. the latest patch must have left the game somewhat unstable. it happens every now and then. i am the only one who uses this computer, so there arent any other user accounts. hopefully, they patch again soon. or maybe i should just do a complete reinstall, but theres no garuntee that will even fix anything. i still need to run all my CC thru the new fixer tool,s i havent even bothered with that, because of the hassle. hmm, maybe it WOULD help tho

  3. Lol, I think that would help. That could be the whole reason for CTD so often. If your sims, or townies, are interacting with things that aren't updated if you totally tweek out.

  4. Hmm, didn't  end that very well. I meant to say, your computer could totally tweek out. Don't mind my slowness. XD

  5. I thought you were going to be talking about the kim kardashian break up! LOL XD


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