my adventures in skyrim so far

so ive been playing since early friday morning (about 2am) on and off cause my bf plays too and i been trying to sneak in some sims time. i made a kajiit. i have always like the kajiit people.

(this is a kajiit from  elder scrolls oblivion)
the graphics are WAY more awesome in skyrim. 

my character looks similar to this.  (im not playing on pc so i cant get any screenshots of my own)
her name is Kaligraa. since i knew nothing about this new map, or the game mechanics, i decided to go with the main storyline for a bit to help me learn the ropes.
it wasnt a bad plan, as now i can lev 10, own my own house, and have a slave girl.

ive just started finding some nice magical gear, and hooking my toon up with goodies. (and killed a few dragons too) but im stil a LONG way off from being uber. there is plenty in the world running around that can kill my ass quick lol.

the hot slot inventory system is a little different... and not as easy to get used too, imo. im getting the hang of it, but im dying alot in the meantime because i cant get to things in a hurry. i also miss the duplicate items cheat lol. (MAN i loved that)

you can do crafting in this game. take raw items like gold and diamonds, and craft your own necklaces and rings. take raw ore and make ingots, turn ingots into items. turn hide into leather, and leather into gear. its very involved, but not very difficult. its alot of fun.

there is a 'taxi' horse and carriage that can take you to new cities (for a price) and you can of course own a horse too. i love having a horse, so i of course bought one. but its a little wierd riding it. you dont get the first person view like while you are walking around, so its kinda hard to control.

i also kinda miss how you could see your toon in the inventory menu in oblvivion, and see all your weapons and gear. you dont see your toon hardly at all in skyrim, so the awesome looking weaponry and gear is almost a waste. you do have these cool little cut scenes tho when you do a killer move.

well im not going to give any specifics, cause i dont do spoilers, but in case your on the fence about this game, and are wondering if its good, i cant tell you, IT IS AWESEOME. i highly recommend, for any elder scrolls fan, or even just someone who like dungeon crawler rpg type games.

its certainly an adventure you will never forget <3


  1. My boyfriend is hooked on Skyrim. I'm not a fan but the graphics really are absolutely gorgeous!


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